Dingo Goes Bingo Studios

studio update:

It's been a long time since this website has been active, so let us fill you in on what has been happening here at our little studio:

I bet you're probably expecting our inactivity to be linked with the global disaster that has consumed our planet over the past year and a half, but this is not the case. Simply put, the members who were part of the original team here at the studio all lead different lives, and it has become increasingly difficult to get together to coordinate game ideas with our conflicting schedules. This is evident from the credits of our last project, Abomination: A Ram's Tale, where the credits only really featured two different names.

Unfortunately, due to the changes that have occurred in all of our lives here, it is uncertain that this studio will go back to the way it was back when it was first formed. We sincerely apologize to anyone who has been left hanging for all this time.

Now, what does this mean for the future of the studio? Does this mean that the studio is finished forever?

The answer to that question above is a big NO!

Although the studio throughout the past few years has remained dormant, some of us who wish to return to this project soon have acquired more skills in working in the video game scene! There will be a return to this studio sometime in the near future!

Dingo Goes Bingo Studios might not be exactly like it was a few years ago, but there is a bright future ahead and we are excited to bring this studio's ideas to life!

Thank you for your patience, and we hope to see you soon!

DGB Studios Team