Dingo Goes Bingo Studios

The name is Sam Schafer and I make games! I started Dingo Goes Bingo Studios back in in 2019 as a side project with the help of a couple buddies and family members. The goal was to produce fun and imaginative games available for anyone to play! As of now, we only have two major projects available for download: Billy Gunslinger (2019) and Abomination: A Ram's Tale (2020).

All the games I produce here will be available for free download on their own respective websites, so if you feel so inclined, check them out!

I have taken a bit of a hiatus in recent years from producing games on my own, as I have been heavily involved in creating games for a club at my college. For all of those games, I focused on creating art and audio assets, rather than doing any of the programming. The box below contains all of these projects I was involved in!

I hope to use my experience with all these projects to improve my game making, artistic, and musical skills! Stay tuned for more projects here in coming years!

DGB Studios: Who are we?

Club Projects!

Link to the drive containing these games:



Monumental was the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 game! It was a rough year, as development was cut short during Spring of 2020 due to the pandemic, but we hope you enjoy what we made!

You'll need to work with your team and fight to bring resources back to your boat. With enough resources, you can provide your team with permanent buffs and build monuments, with the first team to build 3 monuments winning the game!

Collect! Fight! And build your way to victory in this exciting top-down MOBA!


Plunder the Sea was the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 game! With the pandemic going on during this year, we developed the game almost entirely remotely, but we ended up creating an exciting game with lots of surprise.

Your goal is to get as far as you can through the different randomly-generated dungeon levels. As you collect bait from slain enemies, you can use that to fish (which is completed through a DDR rhythm mechanic) and you gain long- and short- term buffs by successfully catching them. You can also use bait to purchase new weapons, or use your class' ultimate abiltiies. There are many different kinds of enemies and weapons to be found!

Set sail to a new adventure that will challenge your reflexes, strategy, and long-term planning!